Tuesday, November 2, 2010


so because i'm an insensitive, self-centered butthole i forgot that my buddy chris works for a blog host site. that said this blog now resides here: http://tomatobathe.posterous.com/. so.....come check it our overthere.


well hello there

So here we are again. So to the no one that has read this i'm firing up the old blog train again. those who followed last time may remember senseless drivel with a hint hindsight; this time will be a bit different. i'm in a new town, at new place in life, with new goals. so we've got the formula for a c level indy film, this will be like senior project in art middle school. basically i'm going to use this as forum for the abundance of stupid things i'm witness to as well as a place for me just to write and have some kind of nonverbal release that has seemed to help through most of my life. so i guess follow if you like, comment, if you want, and keep on rocking in the free world dude; no for real do that.